Thanks for visiting this site. My name is Josip and I’m sole member of Micromatic software development team..

I’m currently 22 year old student of Computer Engineering course at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. Apart from game developing, my hobbies are gaming, playing piano, watching animes and reading books and visual novels.

My game development journey started roughly 8 years ago. I discovered XNA Framework, which gave me easy start to learning how to develop games. However, none of my projects during next 6 years I started were finished; all was incomplete junk of code wanting to represent existing games. That changes with Tank City, being the first major project I started. Beginning was slow, but with time, my development speed and quality has improved considerably. I intend to finish it and share with others despite how good ends up the final version.

Lead designer:

  • Josip Matić a.k.a. Aurioch


  • Josip Matić

Honorable mentions:

  • b5cully from IndieDB and GameDev.Net for providing me with great assets
  • GameDev.Net for helping me learn

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