Alpha version of the Orbstinate (formerly called BouncyBall), showcasing 6 simple levels which gradually increase in difficulty. As it’s still in production, expect few bugs, especially with moving tiles. Feedback is appreciated. This is Windows XNA version. Prerequisites: .NET Framework 4, XNA redistributable (included in archive).

Left and Right arrows: move the ball.
F1 and F2: change background music.

Known issues
Ball gets stuck inside tiles when rammed sideways against moving tiles on levels 3 and 5.
SFX volume apparently cannot be lowered.

Orbstinate Alpha (Win-XNA)
Mirror (Dropbox):

How to install

  • Extract the archive
  • Run xnafx40_redist.msi (if required)
  • Run BouncyBall.exe to play

How to uninstall

  • Select folder with the game
  • Press Shift+Delete and confirm


Tank City Prealpha

Well, here it is. First build, intended for testing purposes (and little showcase) and thus limiter in several ways.

As it is pre-alpha version, it contains only one level, enabled for both single and co-op player. Also, it lacks visual effects, some audio effects and background music (if I put any), and game will automatically go back to the main menu once the level is cleared, either by victory or defeat.

Default controls are as follows:

  • Player 1: Movement – arrow keys, shooting – Enter
  • Player 2: Movement – WASD, shooting – Space

Tank City alpha

How to install

  • Extract archive into any folder
  • Run setup.exe

How to uninstall

  • Go to Start => Control Panel => Add/Remove Programs (if XP/Vista) or Programs and Features (if Win7)
  • Find Tank City and remove it.

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