Tank City

A little story:

Remember the Namco’s old game from NES (or Famicom in Japan) called Battle City, sometimes known as Tank 1990 or simply Tank? The one with a top-down view where you had to shoot other tanks with your tank?

I do (as well). And there was quite a long time I searched the Internet for a modern clone of it. I didn’t find it, so I started learning and went to make my own.

Tank City is more modern recreation of that game. Players assume control of single tank and have to defeat all enemy tanks while defending the base. Map has dimensions of 15×15 tiles and is composed from destructible brick walls, non-destructible concrete walls, impassable water and trees which hide tanks and bullets from sight.

Players can pick up various power-ups which aid them in their task. If players don’t pick up power-up after a certain time, same power-ups will be enabled for enemies to pick them and use them against the players. Initial number of power-ups is 12 basic ones like invincibility shield and ammunition.


Development process is quite long (about 2 years), and game passed several iterations. Main causes for long process are 1-man team without any funds. That doesn’t mean game won’t come out in it’s full glory:

Main features

  • Single player mode
  • Co-op mode: Two players on same screen using same keyboard. Just like in good old times. Players compete with their scores while cooperatively protecting their fort.
  • Multiple powerups: All known powerups are returning, but most of them in different form. Powerups will either improve stats of the tank who collects it, provide new fighting tools or change the situation on the battlefield. However, there’s a twist – while players can enhance themselves, enemies can do that as well!
  • Level editor: Create, edit and share levels with a complete “What You See Is What You Get” editor supporting keyboard and mouse. Game can support as many levels as there are possible tile combinations.
  • Constant updates: There’s always space for an update. More tanks, more powerups, more tiles… Video game is a living product, and in this age, one does not simply abandon the game after release.

Additional features

These are the features that may appear as well in the game:

  • Full controller support: For both nostalgia and convenience factor. Why not enjoy the game from your couch?
  • Multiplayer over Internet
  • More than 2 players: Playing with friends is fun. However, in order to be fun for 4 players, it has to be fun for 2.
  • Bigger maps
  • Multiple tile sets
  • Mission system
  • Cross platform (Linux, MacOS, maybe Androd as well)

Gameplay video:

Visit the game on other places as well:

Tank City


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